Perfection Paralysis

Reading Permission to Suck by David Kadavy inspired me to stop caring about appearing perfect and start allowing myself to just wing it sometimes.

Designing around frustration

When I was a kid I used to get into play fights with my little cousin. I still do, but used to, too!

Why you should encrypt your Mac

I mentioned in an earlier blog post the benefits of encrypting your laptop. On Mac, Apple has built-in a tool called FileVault that allows you to encrypt all of your computer’s data.

How to Identify (and Mitigate) Your Single Point of Failure

For our non-technical readers: If I mention a technical word I’ll do my best to put a simple description in parentheses.

6 Steps to a Safer Business

I cringe when I hear entrepreneurs and small business workers tell me that they “… are too small to be targeted by hackers”. Let me set this straight, this sort of ignorance can cost you thousands of dollars. To set the record straight, hackers are opportunistic. They have software that scans hundreds to thousands of computers at a time and finds out rather quickly if you’ve been slacking in the security department. Once a weak spot is identified, they exploit it.

Facebook's Little Notification Icon

If you are still a Facebook user, you’re probably aware of the little tiny icon of Earth that represents your notifications. You know, it’s the first icon you click after you open Facebook…